SONY DSC“These days people are catching onto the idea of tiny minimalist homes. In the country of Austria where amazing alps abound, a family commissioned designer Peter Jungmann to create a house that provided ample views of the spectacular mountains yet gave minimal impact to the existing environment. The result was the “UFOgel”, a fusion of UFO and Vogel, which means bird in German.”

strange-tiny house Kitchen.JPG2 strange-tiny house Kitchen.JPG1 strange-tiny house Kitchen .JPG3

“Everyone needs a functional kitchen no matter the size.”

Ken Dempsey, NorthShore Kitchens Plus.

“The Ufogel sits on structural stilts, has large windows and larch wood finishes throughout the interior.strange-tiny house in Winter16  A wood stove gives warmth to the 484 square foot home,

strange-tiny house Master Bedroom 12 strange-tiny house Bedrooms .JPG4which can sleep up to eight people (although four would be a bit more comfortable).



strange-tiny house Bathroom .JPG5 strange-tiny house Bathroom13

It contains the basics such as a shower, kitchen and of course, superb views of the Alps of Nussdorf.”

strange-tiny house with Tremendous Views .JPG7 strange-tiny house Loft .JPG6 strange-tiny house in Winter2 18

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Remodeling and Home Design
Remodeling and Home Design
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