Appliances are an important part of every home, every kitchen. They are the machines that power the family meals, the holiday dinners and the late night snacks.

Selecting the right appliances for your needs can be complicated. Knowing the features of different brands and models is an expertise that takes years to acquire. We at Northshore Kitchens Plus are leaders in both the knowledge and access to the latest, greatest and most functional appliances for your family’s needs.


World-famous Sub-Zero engineers have encased state-of-the art technology in visually stunning built-in appliances that afford our clients refrigeration and freezing capabilities guaranteed to maximize food shelf life and preserve fresh taste…all the while supremely complimenting the kitchen decor. Sub-Zero’s wine storage systems are engineered to address optimum humidity level, temperature control, UV protection and a vibration free environment…for wine enthusiasts and serious collectors. The “marriage” of Sub-Zero and Wolf has enabled our custom kitchen designers to specify Wolf’s complete line of cooktops, ranges, wall ovens, steamers, and fryers with the confidence that, whether our clients are passionate cooks or weekend warriors in the kitchen, healthy and tasty meals can be prepared with ease. Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances are Sabbath and holiday compliant.


Noted for extremely low operating noise level and conservative water consumption, ASKO dishwashers are available in stainless steel as well as cabinetry panel fronts, with and without visible controls. With all-stainless steel tub interiors and client-friendly operating cycles, ASKO is a star performer in our custom kitchens.


Craftsmanship and attention to detail are two keystones of our custom ventilation hoods. Often the most underestimated necessity in the kitchen, ventilation hoods must not only be attractive but also must have the right capacity for removing the particles and odors released in cooking. Our designers will carefully review your cooking style, your design theme, and the space available, plus an exciting selection of stainless steel, brass, copper, and glass from which to construct and install your system.

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“Northshore Kitchens confidently and enthusiastically specifies simply the best refrigeration, ventilation, and cooking products available.  Our decades long relationship with North Shore Kitchens Plus has been a unique, and ever evolving, pleasure. Our companies share philosophies which strive for perfection in the brands we represent, the designs we create and the clients we delight.”

Tom Clarke, President, Clark Corporation, Milford, MA