What is Your Idea of the Perfect Cup of Coffee?

  • What is Your Idea of the Perfect Cup of Coffee?

custom-kitchen-new-hampshire“Many of us love to drink coffee. I would love to hear what your idea  is of a perfect cup. Whether you make yours at home or go to your favorite chain or your quaint little neighborhood coffee shop, I would like your opinion.

As a kitchen design firm,  the placement of certain appliances is a big part of the planning process, including the small appliances.  And if you are like 83 % of the adult population in the US, coffee is part of your daily routine. So the placement of this item as well as any other small appliance that figures prominently in your daily life is important. As you see in the picture above the toaster and the coffee maker are in the center of the kitchen. It all comes down to need, use and convenience.”

Ken Dempsey, NorthShore Kitchens Plus, Inc.

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