What Is The Best Way To Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets












When you are talking about wood stained cabinets, mild soap and water is a good all around cleaner. Dawn really works  well in its grease cutting capabilities.

While vinegar and water combo is a good way to clean your hardwood floors, it may not be good for cabinets (the stain on the cabinets may not be as hardy as polyurethane used for high traffic flooring and because of the surrounding areas it may cause some etching in your countertops depending on what type of  countertop you have. Please see Countertop maintenance tips.

Water has to be used with care on any wood product. Don’t let water sit and wipe off with cotton cloth(Many paper towels can scratch believe it or not.)

Many people swear by the vinegar and baking soda paste. We have not tried this method. I think it will really depend on the condition of your cabinets and the hardiness of the stain.

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